Our comprehensive trademark practice includes right-to-use and clearance searches, vetting of candidate brands, acquisition of domain names, preparation, direct filing and prosecution of US (use-based, intent-to-use, based on foreign registrations), European, Swiss, Liechtenstein and International trademark applications and through our association with a carefully selected group of associates in all countries of the world, as well as cancellation and opposition proceedings at the trademark office, appeals and trademark infringement litigation. Particularly for technology companies challenged by a fast-changing landscape, our counsellors can assist clients in registering a brand name that is strong, invokes emotions with costumers, suitable to costumers and that can be protected in the marketplace with a minimum risk of attack by or infringement of third parties.

Ci occupiamo anche di pagare le tasse di rinnovo una volta che i vostri marchi sono registrati, e in particolare anche di depositare la dichiarazione d'uso presso l'ufficio marchi statunitense.

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Obtaining valuable intellectual property can be a complicated matter, but is essential for your business.  Chiamare : +41 71 230 10 00 Monday through Friday, 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM (Swiss Time CET)

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