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Da Vinci Partners LLC comprises a highly trained, multi-lingual team of licensed IP specialists with competencies that allow us to represent our clients in various high tech sectors and industries, such as med tech, software and electronics, directly before a number of national and regional patent and trademark offices, particularly in Europe and the US. With our strong relations in China, we provide advice and guidance for our clients that wish to enter the Chinese market, manufacture in China, or protect their products from Asian competitors. We strive to meet our client’s changing needs in a results-oriented, efficient and effective manner. To us, our clients are the “Da Vincis” of the World. We partner with these world-class innovators to better ensure that their brands, their core ideas and inventions are protected.

Da Vinci Partners LLC è uno studio internazionale di proprietà intellettuale con sede in Svizzera, specializzato nella registrazione di brevetti, marchi, design e diritti d'autore statunitensi, europei, svizzeri e internazionali e nell'applicazione di tali diritti.

Da Vinci Partners LLC è tra i primi studi di proprietà intellettuale ad essere stabiliti in Europa con un focus primario sul diritto della proprietà intellettuale statunitense.



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