IP Agreements

IP Agreements

Because IP rights may be licensed, assigned, acquired, or given away, it is important that the related contracts are negotiated and entered into in due time. Furthermore, when using contractors, consultants, or other third parties as well as employees when developing IP rights, it is essential to enter into a contract with these persons or companies before work is started. This should start with a confidentiality agreement related to the possible project.

All these agreements should be clearly formulated and take into consideration the legislation of the countries involved. Consequently, it is essential to get expert legal advice before concluding a legally binding agreement involving IP, no matter how simple it seems.

Da Vinci Partners LLC is the right choice when you need expert advice on how to contractually protect your IP rights worldwide, and in particular in the USA, in Switzerland and in Europe.

Joint development agreements

Franchising agreements

Assignment of IP rights

Web design agreements

Patent license agreements

Confidentiality agreements

Domain name and trademark license agreements

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