David J. Koris

David J. Koris


Téléphone +41 71 230 10 00


David Koris, of counsel, is a Senior Intellectual Property Counsel with over 34 years of experience including 11 years as executive Vice President, General Counsel for IP for Shell International B.V.’s global IP function, and several years in senior IP roles with General Electric and Tyco International Ltd. He has extensive experience in all phases of corporate IP practice including budget management, patent quality assurance, IP risk management, global patent litigation, licensing, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, IP valuation and brand development. Through extensive practice in the acquisitions of IP assets and the management of the IP function across a number of industries, David has developed broad experience in the assessment, design, development and management of corporate IP resources. As a senior leader in Global IP, David has created and led the change management processes in diverse corporate environments to ensure the right level of IP service delivery is created for an organization aligning business goals, the technology selection process and desired IP strategy.

As Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce’s IP Commission, David is recognized as a global thought leader on how IP Strategy development facilitates sustainable development efforts. He has lectured extensively both in academic settings such as St. Petersburg University, Saint Petersburg, Russia as well as Beijing University, Beijing, China on the significance of IP to the next generation of corporate founders, as well as government sponsored events in India, China, Brazil, Russia and across Europe.