We handle your designs from the preparation of the application, the filing, the prosecution, through grant and maintenance.

We can develop a strategy for your design applications that best suits your needs and plans for the future.

We will counsel you, for example, on a possible deferment of the design publication and on multiple simultaneous applications and the advantages it would have. We can also help you implement a little-known but powerful strategy to push protection of your designs in the U.S. out, extending your protection.

We also handle paying maintenance fees and monitoring your designs once granted to ensure they remain enforceable.

US designs

Swiss designs

International designs (Hague System)

Freedom to operate opinions

Strategic advice

European Union designs

Liechtenstein designs

Infringement / non-infringement opinions

Litigation management

Let us help you!

Obtaining valuable intellectual property can be a complicated matter, but is essential for your business.
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