Da Vinci Partners LLC Presents at Texas A&M University Law School (Texas, USA)

Da Vinci Partners LLC , is proud to have lectured Texas A&M law students on the topic, “European Patents are Different.”

Da Vinci Partners’ John Moetteli, a US-born tech attorney, delivered the presentation. Did you know that some European countries grant #patents without a substantive examination? Did you know that a European patent imposes no “best mode” requirement? This may lead to a patent that “hides” the proper or best functioning of the application… Bottom line: do not assume that European patent law is the same as US patent law. Your valuable #intellectualproperty may be placed at risk if you do! We are thankful to everyone who attended! Our special thank you to professor Peter Yu for inviting us and to Ruben DeLeon for his support and participation! References: www.davincipartners.com; http://law.tamu.edu/; http://deleonlawgroup.com/