Agent Terms

Terms and Conditions for Agents working for clients of Da Vinci, version 01-02-2019:

Given that Da Vinci Partners LLC and/or the attorneys/employees typically extend payment terms to its clients, it can be that even long standing Da Vinci clients are slow or ultimately do not pay the Da Vinci invoices. Therefore, these terms make clear that you agree that the client is ultimately and solely responsible for the payment of your invoices. As representatives of our clients’, it should be clear that we do not pay the invoices of our clients until our clients have paid our invoices.

In light of the above, the following terms apply to current and past filing orders regardless of the client,upon acceptance of any task or upon acceptance of any new filing orders from Da Vinci for any client:

  1. It is understood that Da Vinci is the operating company for an association of legal representatives of clients, many of whom are licensed attorneys-at-law. As the operating entity, Da Vinci is responsible for paying overhead costs for operating the offices and paying the employees of Da Vinci. You agree that Da Vinci is not ultimately responsible for paying the invoices of Da Vinci’s clients.
  2. Da Vinci will make reasonable efforts respecting the rules of ethics applicable to its attorneys to help you get paid for the services you render for Da Vinci clients.
  3. Understanding the above, you will seek payment exclusively from our client upon notification of the contact name and address there of and will not submit your unpaid invoices sent to us for work performed on behalf of one or more of Da Vinci’s clients to a collection agent unless the collection agent agrees in writing to seek payment exclusively from the client directly.

Do make a dated copy of this subpage to have a record of our mutual agreement regarding work you are to perform for Da Vinci’s clients. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.