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Da Vinci Partners LLC is a highly trained, multi-lingual team of licensed IP specialists with competencies that allow us to represent our clients directly before a number of national and regional patent and trademark offices, particularly in Europe and the US. With our strong relations in China, we provide advice and guidance for our clients that wish to enter the Chinese market, manufacture in China, or protect their products from competitors in China. We strive to meet our client’s changing needs in a results-oriented, efficient and effective manner. To us, our clients are the “Da Vinci”s of the World. We partner with innovators like you, offering world-class IP services that better ensure that your brands, your core ideas and inventions are protected.

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Qualified to handle patent matters in a wide range of technical areas including mechanical, electrical, computers, computer software, telecommunications, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and the Internet.

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We have access to the right specialists for all of your IP needs!


Comprehensive trademark practice includes right-to-use and clearance searches, preparation, direct filing and prosecution of US (use-based, intent-to-use, based on foreign registrations), European, Swiss, Liechtenstein and International trademark applications.


We handle your designs from the preparation of the application, the filing, the prosecution, through grant. We will work together on a strategy for your design applications that best suits your needs and plans for the future.


There are essentially only two copyright offices in the world. One in the US, and the other one in China. We have extensive experience in copyright practice before the U.S. copyright office especially with respect to jewelry and computer software including prosecution and infringement litigation.

IP Agreements

Because IP rights may, among others, be licensed, assigned, acquired, or given away, it is important that the related contracts are negotiated and entered into in due time.

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We protect your intelectual property worldwide

Gone are the days when any local intellectual property firm can provide you with the services you need to compete in the global marketplace. Yes, the game of Intellectual Property has gone global! To win at this often cut-throat game, you need to know how to best protect your intellectual property and meet your compliance obligations, not just locally, but in every major World market. Few firms in Europe, very few indeed, can help you more than Da Vinci Partners LLC, an established Swiss-based firm licensed to represent global innovators like you in Europe, the United States, Switzerland, and, via our GREAT WALL® services, in China as well. Through our long standing network of experienced international associates, we can provide your inventions, brands, know-how and creative works with the protection you needed in any industrialized country in the World! We’re Da Vinci Partners LLC, partner to the Da Vincis of the world. Your partner in innovation!

Obtaining valuable intellectual property
can be a complicated matter, but is essential for your business.

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