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The protection provided by your European Community Trademark is in danger
Recent changes in European Community Trademark Law force owners to revisit their existing registrations and where required, take action to protect their rights. Please find more information here.

Being US patent attorneys operating through a Swiss-based firm, we’re able to represent Swiss and US clients (companies and individuals) without limitation. We can represent clients from any country before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Beyond this US focus, the firm is well positioned to provide clients with global strategic counsel regarding Swiss, European, and other international patent, trademarks and copyrights, as well as litigation management in just about any jurisdiction. And if the client prefers, the firm can manage a client’s entire Intellectual Property docket as well.

It’s most often the case that the battle for the global market of a product or service is won or lost in the United States. If a company’s US intellectual property is lost, the war for the global market is all but over. Da Vinci Partners is thus uniquely positioned in Europe to provide this US focused, face-to-face advice to a company’s management, at a place and time of their convenience.

Nevertheless, we are also one of the first firms to be registered with the Swiss patent office for the preparation, filing and further processing of Swiss applications. Mr. Moetteli is also among the first registered Swiss patent attorneys in the city of Arbon, the seat of the new Swiss Patent Court. In addition, we have at least one licensed European patent legal representative or attorney in order to be able to handle European patent filings and prosecution directly. Consequently, although we are specialized in US patent law, local work is an important part of our daily practice.

And for our non-Swiss or non-US clients who care to take advantages of the tax benefits of a Swiss holding company to hold and license their intellectual property assets, we can represent this company before all competent international patent and trademark authorities.

For those clients with an established relationship with a local patent agency, Da Vinci Partners can complement the agency’s services by working with the local practitioner to manage the client’s US intellectual property docket, thus helping ensure that their client’s most strategically important intellectual property asset, their US patents, trademarks or copyrights, are properly attended to, and that the client’s position with respect to international rights is strong.

If you’ve received a warning letter from a competitor, alleging that you infringe a US patent, we can intervene to help you assess the risk. We can study the facts and the law, and render an opinion that helps you show that you’ve made a good faith effort to avoid infringement or to determine that the patent asserted against you is invalid. The formal, written opinion of a US patent attorney-at-law is advisable to help you avoid triple damages and having to pay the legal fees of the other side.

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Da Vinci Partners LLC, offering DA VINCI*™ and PAT24™ services, for global leaders in innovation.
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