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Gone are the days when any local patent firm can provide you with the services you need to compete in the global marketplace. Yes, the game of Intellectual Property has gone global! To win at this often cut-throat game, you need to know how to best protect your intellectual property, not just locally, but in every major World market. Few firms in Europe, very few indeed, can help you more than Da Vinci Partners LLC, an established Swiss-based firm licensed to represent global innovators like you in Europe, the United States, Switzerland, and, via our GREAT WALL® services, in China as well. Through our long standing network of experienced international associates, we can provide you with the protection you need in any industrialized country in the World! Da Vinci Partners LLC, partner to the Da Vincis of the world. Your partner in innovation!

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Da Vinci Partners LLC, offering DA VINCI*™ and PAT24™ services, for global leaders in innovation.
Offering ** legal, and *** services, for our clients active in China.
*service mark covering our legal and IP services, including IP valuation services registered in Switzerland, the EU, the USA, and Canada, other countries/regions pending.
** service marks covering legal services and IP services on Chinese IP issues, registered in Switzerland, the EU, Korea, and the USA
*** service marks covering IP services involving China, registered in China, Switzerland, and the USA

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